Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

CSI-1: Creative Thinking Fundamentals (Who Killed Creativity?)


Available as a: Keynote / Seminar / Workshop  / Self facilitated Boardgame / Licence TTT / Digital Webinar

PROGRAM CONCEPT: A Diagnostic Tool to Understanding Innovative Cultures (simulation / game)

This session is based around a simulation & board game and is a powerful diagnostic tool that can be used to understand the climate of creative thinking and innovation in individuals, teams and the organisational culture.

Research has shown that many creativity interventions (books, seminars, consulting etc) are not as effective as they could be, and it is only possible to look at creative strategies and innovation once key blockages have been recognized and addressed.

The CSI Who Killed Creativity? (WKC) Workshop uses a board game as a creative diagnostic tool. This game provides an engaging interactive context for exploring the potential blocks to positive change. Themed as a crime scene investigation (CSI style), the exercise helps to identify the key ‘creativity killer’ culprits we all face individually (psychological blocks, eg as identified by neuroscience) and reveals potential ‘danger’ locations around the organization (organizational culture and environmental blocks). Through dealing with game cards, participants are given the opportunity to consider clues and decide what they think are the greatest issues and best rescue strategies in a non-threatening way. The concepts in this session are presented using a unique and creative method that provides a safe, playful environment for positive transformation. This proven method can reduce cynicism, transform individuals and teams, and create a highly innovative organizational culture.

 (this game uses Gamification : a business strategy which applies game design techniques to non-game contexts to drive user behavior. It is a concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goal).



  1. The Magic of Creative Thinking- How to see better solutions faster, & truly think outside of the box (see related article & video)
  2. The Creative Scene Investigation:
    1. The Crime – Is Creative Thinking Dying, & why it is a critical attribute needed today? (see related podcast )
    2. The Scene – The Destructive Wave of Disruptive Innovation, how to aviod it, & how to create a thriving innovative culture.
    3. The Investigation* – Profiling The Suspects, removing creative blockers & allowing creative thinking to flourish (see related article)
    4. The Rescuers** – The Rescue Strategies & how to think creativity  (see related article)
    5. The Forensic Lab & The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking (see related article)



  1. Arresting The Suspects: Identifying the 7 major blocks to innovative thinking through sharing information from fact cards, and participating in a ‘detective investigation’ to find the most likely ‘culprits’.
  2. Profiling The Suspects & Identifying The Key Culprits: Conducting ‘psychological profiles’ to discover the impact these culprits can have on individuals and organizations.
  3. Finding The Best Rescuers**: Deciding on the most effective ways to foster individual innovative thinking and cultural transformation in an organization.
  4. Application: Using the experience to help the group discuss the top blocks for themselves and their team / organization, and to decide on the best actions for overcoming these.



  • Discover the likely blockers, places and weapons used that suffocates creativity, both in your mind and the workplace.
  • Proactively design: a positive environment that is specifically conducive to creativity in your workplace, and help all employees develop a new mental state where creative thinking will flourish.
  • Learn how to identify the champions of innovation and creative thinking (resuscitators), & create thriving environments using the most effective tools that can ensure your organization can truly practice creative thinking and be innovative at all levels.
  • Gain feedback from all employees about what they think are the issues and how to solve them.
  • Facilitate better decisions by showing how to pay close attention to signals that point the way forward.
  • Help question unconsciously held biases and world views to come up with authentic alternative realities. (futurism)
  • Run as a stand-alone program, OR integrated into any part of the Creative Connection workshop suite.
    -Keynote: (45-180 mins),  Seminar (half day),  Workshop (1-2 days
  • Run the CSI board game  independently  (self – facilitated / instant download), OR with a qualified facilitator (including the authors).


Game Board Material
Who Killed Creativity? Game Board Material

Creative Thinking Life Cycle Life
Creative Thinking Life Cycle Life


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