Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Overview & Biz Outcomes


The CSI Suite (Keynotes, facilitation, seminars and workshops)

These  programs aim to develop creative thinking styles and actions in individuals and teams AND to help organizations innovate better through developing innovative systems and building an awareness of customer needs.

The CSI program suite can be run sequentially or independently of each other.The Introduction to the  The Creative Scene Investigation (CSI) program starts with an an engaging interactive introduction to the creativity blockers in individuals, teams and the organization,  and the key strategies needed to rescue innovation. (CSI-1: Who Killed Creativity?) Using a unique CSI game board approach, this session challenges assumptions and lays the groundwork for solid creative development.

After unpacking the crime scene (CSI-1 Who Killed Creativity?)  the next session CSI-2 introduces ways to improve individual creative skills & human centric design thinking and covers in detail the 7 Rescue  Strategies. In CSI-3 the  program participants are introduced to a tool teams can use to integrate talents and skills in coming up with creative solutions – culminating in a creative collaborative task. Through CSI-4 program participants are introduced to a platform for building systematic organizational innovation and linking this to customer needs (outside innovation).

Participants are encouraged through the different parts of the program to discover their own individual creative potential and find ways to maximize this, and also recognize the different creative perspectives within a team and organization and then use these to the best advantage. A feature of the program is the unique experience of the ‘THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY(CSI-5) simulation exercise. Also included are inspiring video clips and practical case studies which provide ideas and direction for action. The program can finish with some solid business facilitation where groups are led through a creative process looking at issues such as actualizing creativity.

The CSI program utilizes a unique ‘cogwheels’ process which shows the essential interconnection between individual creative processes, team problem solving strategies, and organizational structures that support innovation.


Creative Cogs
A Creative Cogwheel tool for integrated innovation and practical problem solving including:

  • Seven individual creative development strategies
  • A four-part ‘creative walk-around’ tool for creative problem solving in teams
  • A segmented process profile for organizational innovation

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