Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Full Workshop

Real Issues: The 7 Rescue Strategies workshop has created solutions for companies:


1. Delivering affordable stomach filling and right/balance nutrition for families with lack of economic resources.

2. Bringing a variety in dishes and flavors to people with limited budget.

3. Cooking by saving as much energy as possible.


1. Drive mouthwash penetration

2. Grow market share

3. Better partner with top 10 customers

4. Build oral care regimen usage

5. Double the kids business

6. Expand premium oral care in the wholesale channel


1. Accelerate backlog execution

2. Improve order booking linearity

3. Billing system update & lean closing project

4. PRE management enhancement

5. OM to maintain CRD2, improve OTD rate based on CRD2

6. OM to verify the delivery, to control down risk

7. Establish Sales portal system

8. Improve demand accuracy


1) Low-Income Consumers & Profitably. Selling & affordability. The most pressing issue in the low-income consumer sector is that people have little chance to save money for larger investments. Low-income consumers tend to shop for daily needs since they are often paid by the day, which means larger packages are simply not an option.

2) Changing a product and making it cheap, without making it cheap

3) Creating the capacity to consume being competitive, & staying ethical

4) Creating: Awareness Affordability, Accessible & Available

See more case studies http://www.whokilledcreativity.com/endorsements/case-studies/



Sample issues: The 7 Rescue Strategies workshop can deal with the following issues-


1. Productivity

2. Retention / rewards / recognition

3. Design for optimum results

4. Information flow

5. Long supply chains – ok or not?

6. Who owns what

7. Effective strategy deployment


1. Buying volume vs. building relationships and mutual growth

2. Staying in touch

3. Discovering who really is our customer

4. Niche – where, who do we serve

5. Building business in emerging markets

6. How do we stay in touch – -hear our Customers / Consumers


1. Understanding our core business

2. The sales process

3. Post sales service

4. During sales service

5. Internal costs vs Customer focus — which comes first

6. Product profitability vs. proliferation of products

7. Green strategies


• Individual and/or organizational maps showing how the creative thinking strategies work

• Detailed understanding of the 7 practical strategies, systemized for improving creative thinking

• Practical solutions to organizational issues using the 7 strategies,• & mapped against a real case study, AND a real live workplace issue. (this shows how to use the method AND solves a real issue as a example of it’s use) –

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