Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

About Who Killed Creativity?


Who Killed Creativity? How can we get it back?

Our research has shown that many creativity interventions (books, seminars, consulting etc) are not as effective as they could be. This can happen when potential blocks to creative thinking are not identified and dealt with. We believe it is only possible to look at creative strategies and innovation once these issues have been recognised and addressed. For this reason both the book and teaching modules are divided into 2 sections: 1) Who Killed Creativity? (looking at the issues) AND 2) How can we get it back? (looking at the solutions).

The topics cover the latest research on how individuals, teams and organisations can overcome blockages and become more innovative. The concepts are presented using a unique and creative method that provides a safe, playful environment. This allows the reader / participant / teams to explore and discuss the general issues without feeling threatened. This proven method can transform individuals and create a highly innovative organizational culture, ensuring creative thinking and problem solving flourish.

Witnesses Wanted!

Your help is needed to crack an unsolved crime. Creative thinking has been on the decline for the last decade, and we need to work out how to get it back. Find out all about this fascinating forensic leadership case in the book, & keynote / workshops by Andrew & Gaia Grant. With the help of  our specialist neuroscientist and psychologist Dr Jason Gallate, you have the opportunity to join this quirky yet profound crime scene investigation to identify and catch the creativity killers before they strike again. Match your knowledge against that of the latest brain researchers, psychologists and sociologists and help us build their profiles and find Who Killed Creativity.

After working in the field of creative thinking for a number of years, 7 major factors that contribute to a decline in creativity have been identified. These factors have now been personalised and conceptualised into 7 character profiles in a ‘Cluedo / Clue’ style game. By identifying who you think the major ‘killers’ of creativity, you will enable your organisation, leaders & teams to find ways to deal with the problems and find positive solutions.

The Evidence:

A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 “leadership competency” of the future.

The analysis of almost 300,000 Torrance scores of children and adults has revealed that although IQ is increasing with each generation creativity scores (CQ) have actually been steadily decreasing since 1990. Tirian has also discovered that creative confidence declines or becomes inhibited as children progress through school and then as people move into the workplace.

The CSI Investigation:

  • Excess Stress
    Was it ‘X.S. Stress’ in the ‘Boardroom’ with ‘Crushing Coercion’?

    Was it ‘Beau Rock-Racy’ in ‘Finance’ with ‘Noxious Negativity’?

  • Mull-T-Tasker
    Was it ‘Mull T. Tasker’ in the ‘Studio’ with ‘Strangling Stress’?

    Lack of Motivation
    Was it ‘Lack O’motivation’ in ‘Research & Development’ with ‘Lacerating Lethargy’?

  • Bully Boss
    Was it ‘Bull E Boss’ in the ‘Boss’s Office’ with ‘Crushing Coercion’?

    Fear of Failure
    Was it ‘Fear O’failure’ in ‘Research &amp Development’ with ‘Drowning Dread’?

  • Expectations
    Was it ‘High X Pectations’ in the ‘Boardroom’ with ‘Strangling Stress’?

    Was it ‘Homo Geneity’ in ‘Human Resources’ with ‘Bludgeoning Bias’?

  • Prejudice
    Was it ‘Pre Judge Ice’ in the ‘Lecture Room’ with ‘Intractable Intolerance’?

    Was it ‘Neg A Tivity’ in the ‘Studio’ with ‘Drowning Dread’?

The 7 major factors that seem to be involved in the decline of creativity have been grouped into ‘profile families/groups’, and some key examples of each type of profile are included. We have also included possible murder weapons (ways that creativity can be killed) and locations – as well as potential resuscitators, resuscitation devices and locations. Please feel free to also add your own ideas and concepts.

Your Input:

We would like to explore what has led to this disturbing trend. Have you noticed this problem? Does it exist in your workplace and affect your or your team’s performance? And what do you think can be done about it? We need you to help build these profiles according to what you have experienced in your workplace.


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