Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

CSI-2: The Creative Process (The 7 Creative Thinking Rescue Strategies)


Available as a: Keynote / Seminar / Workshop  / Facilitation / (Licence TTT) / Face to Face & Digital Webinar /Self-led Formats

PROGRAM CONCEPT: A Methodology & Tool for Human-Centric Design Thinking

This full workshop session looks at actively harnessing, utilizing and promoting creative thinking as a way to come up with fresh ideas and solve problems better, faster and more cost-effectively. During the session participants will learn to effectively align internal values and clear processes to ensure consistent practical creative thinking, allowing for solutions to bring about innovation. Tirian’s unique ‘Strategies for Innovation (SIM)TM’ model is used as a practical tool for guiding participants through the process.

Through utilizing a human-centric design thinking methodology and incorporating the process of ideation, this solution-based approach is particularly useful for addressing problems that are ill-defined or tricky, where both the problem and the solution are unknown at the outset of the problem-solving process. It utilizes both divergent thinking and convergent thinking to explore many possible solutions and come up with some practical applications. The full workshop version covers personal and business case studies, activities to help activate the creative areas of the participants’ brains, inspiration, motivation and the chance to bring a real problem to explore solutions to.

The session provides the opportunity to participate in a real case study and simulate its progress, with the added twist (introduced throughout the simulation) of the often ignored human emotions, blockers, resisters and challenging group dynamics. Once the model is provided and the dynamics at play are understood, teams will develop the skills to solve their own workplace issues. This session can then be followed by working on solving a real organizational issue in the workplace. (“Pure Business Facilitation to Solve Wicked Problems”, facilitated workshop).


  1. Creative Thinking Strategies: Skills to redesign your brain for generating unique ideas.
  2. Critical Thinking Skills: How to use critical thinking for more effective problem-solving.
  3. Implications & Applications: Business facilitation with case study & coaching. TRY & APPLY: Become a company (e.g., P&G case study) and practice using the method to solve a seemingly impossible “wicked” problem.


  • Attitude: Recognizing the need for creative thinking and problem solving
  • Approach: Practical strategies for solutions based design thinking, ideation and innovation development
  • Action: Effective problem solving using a creative mindset
  • Discover ways to improve individual creative thinking skills through 7 essential strategies.
  • Develop a creative mindset and an innovative culture in a human-centric environment
  • Unlock creative potential through learning a practical 7-step process
  • Find real solutions to real issues  in a real environment


  • Individual and/or organizational maps showing how the creative thinking strategies work
  • Detailed understanding of the 7 practical strategies, systemized for improving creative thinking
  • Practical solutions to organizational issues using the 7 strategies, & mapped against a real case study, AND a real live workplace issue. (this shows how to use the method AND solves a real issue as a example of it’s use)

SEE 3 more versions of this session

  1. The Creative Collaborator Canvas: Better ideas faster. The virtual online canvas can be self-led & run by an independent leader for their team OR professionally facilitator-led
  2. Pure Personal Creativity to Redesign Your Brain -workshop
  3. Pure Business Facilitation to Solve Wicked Problems.*

(Based on the book “Who Killed Creativity? & How Can We Get it Back: Andrew & Gaia Grant)

Strategies For Innovative Development
Strategies For Innovative Development [SFID]

Are you really ready for design thinking?

Before jumping into the more traditional Design Thinking sessions / complete with “A Pitch” & “Innovation Lab” we recommend considering a Pre Strategic Planning Design Thinking Session (PSP-DT) with the key stakeholders.

Is your team really innovation ready?

To see if you are ready for design thinking –
download this checklist and score the following statements out of 10 and know the answers to the questions.
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