Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Case Studies


Gaia Grant presenting at the Four Seasons Hotel International Management Conference (CEO and GMs) Toronto

CSI programs were used by the following companies (*Fortune 500 companies or market leaders) /industries to achieve the following:

Worlds largest Tech company*

  • Working with a team on design future solutions thinking to ensure that they remain the leading company in their field. (USA)

Finance company:*

  • Australia’s leading finance company to create and deliver sessions attended by the CEO, Exec com and top 50 leaders that looked at ways innovation can assist and prepare people to deal with the new changes to the finance regulations imposed by the government. (Australia)


  • R&D teams to look at ways to bring more creativity into processes and help teams think more creativity along with strategic ways to ensure these ideas are implemented and accepted by non R&D executives.(Asia & Europe)

Market leading hotel chain*:

  • Working with the CEO / GMs preparing teams to embrace the future of the hospitality industry. (Canada)

Leading international Swiss bank*

  • Workshop for world leaders who gathered in London to explore how to implement their key initiatives effectively. (UK)
  • Introduction program to an Asia wide six sigma style roll out to ensure that all participants would be able to accept the changes that will take place as a result of the full program. (Asia & Australia)

Leading logistics company*

  • Ensure that parcels could get from the pickup to the airport more efficiently. (Singapore)

Internationally recognized children’s products company *

  • Re-ignite the sales and marketing team to find new ways to be motivated to market their products. (Hong Kong)

Economics department of one of the worlds largest banks*

  • Redesigned a important internal newsletter to ensure all people will read the relevant data. (From USA with rollout in Asia Pacific)

Country’s largest training and consulting company

  • Redesigned their sales process to become more efficient. (Thailand)

European machine lubricant company

  • Re-designed the way lubricants can be used by customers to minimize misuse of their products. (International)

Leading international Swiss bank*

  • Developed a value proposition for a regional group. (Singapore)

World’s largest Food Company*

  • Looked at creative ways to use less energy in cooking and bringing more nutrition to consumers in emerging markets (Switzerland)

China I.T. Telkom*

  • 8 project teams were tasked for a year to improve 8 key areas, including the introduction of Cloud computing, Accelerate backlog execution, Improve order booking linearity,  Billing system update & lean closing projects. Over 2 days (plus pre and post consulting) we were able to ensure the teams became focused on their projects, set clear goals, came up with actionable creative an innovative ideas and discuss issues of virtual team dynamics. “exceeded expectations”

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