Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

CSI-3: Innovative Team Actions

(Based on the book “Who Killed Creativity? & How Can We Get it Back: Andrew & Gaia Grant)

Available as a: Keynote / Seminar / Workshop  / (Licence TTT) / Face to Face & Digital Webinar Formats

PROGRAM CONCEPT – Team ‘Innovation Solution’ Strategies & Profiling

To be stand out from the pack when it comes to creative thinking and innovation, it’s critical to know how to harness the power of a team. The creative outcome of a business team depends on the nature of the group of individuals assembled and the way they are encouraged and managed. If teams attempt to communicate, plan, and problem solve without coordinated creative thinking, they could end up using a lot of time with limited results. This session shows how heterogeneous groups of people from different backgrounds and experiences can solve difficult problems more effectively by being able to look at them from different perspectives. It utilizes some basic profiling tools (DISC and HBDI), and as a result empowers teams in organizations to create more cohesive and productive groups through an understanding of the way the team thinks and acts. A main premise of the session is that every person on the team has a unique contribution to the creative thinking and innovation process. Once participants are convinced of the importance of the team and each individual’s contribution to it, the session goes on to take a relevant problem and workshop it through 4 key stages.


Discovering ways to improve team creative thinking skills through 4 key stages:
1. Dealing with issues creatively
2. Team problem solving
3. Problem solving in action


  • Attitude: Recognizing the need for a diverse approach to creative thinking
  • Approach: Practical strategies for teams to use ideation and innovation development
  • Action: Effective problem solving using a team approach creative mindset


  • An efficient and effective high performing team strategy to maximize individual strengths in coming up with new business innovations. A sample of how this works in action (using a real life /workplace situation)

The Creative Connection Cogwheels

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION COGWHEELS (Yellow: The Individual, Green: The team, Red: The Customer & Organization)
Note: The Organizational cogwheel model is based on the innovation radar by Professors Mohanbir Sawhney, Robert C. Wolcott & Inigo Arroniz 2006

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