Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Creative Ideas for Innovation in Business and Beyond

Defeating divisive forces on the US continent

Mexico has been a popular news topic lately – and not always for the best reasons, with Donald Trump vowing to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the US. We spent some time in the country recently, and we were reminded of how many challenges the US’s closest Central American neighbour has had […] (03-02-2016)

New Year, Old Practices? The difficulty of implementing new company habits in the New Year

Xīnnián hǎo! Happy New Year! Today marks the second day of celebrations for Chinese New Year. Marked on the new moon between 21 January and 20 February, the festivities end when the moon is brightest. According to legend, the contemporary habits of New Year revellers, such as wearing red, making loud noises and setting off […] (02-09-2016)

Raising the political agenda: Innovation initiatives from the top

Australia has a new Prime Minster. Again. After four Prime Ministers in as many years, there finally seems to be a leader who has taken the helm who is taking a proactive rather than reactive stance to national issues. This Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has kicked off his term with a strong innovation initiative. Sitting […] (12-22-2015)

Collaborative competition for more creative results

Have you thought about how difficult it can be to determine how to collaborate effectively when in a competitive environment? As part of a recent The Sky is not the Limit simulation presented by Tirian for a large bank, participants were asked to take part in an exercise named ‘Win As Much as you Can’. With few exceptions this instruction, to win at all costs, was understood as […] (12-14-2015)

Dreaming your life away?

Did you know that day dreaming has been linked to problem solving? Once the pastime of ‘layabouts’ and small children, day dreaming in fact allows the mind to think creatively and outside the box! Indeed, a University of British Columbia study has found that not only is the brain engaged, but it is engaged at […] (12-08-2015)

True social responsibility

In their recent article, How can leadership teams find innovative solutions to sustainability challenges?, Gaia and Andrew discuss how contemporary organisations often have to juggle social responsibility and sustainability with profit. The choice between one or the other can result in an abandonment of wider community responsibilities. In order to grow domestic and international business […] (12-03-2015)

7 Creativity Killers – Creative Scene Investigation

An important crime scene investigation is underway, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it So, What Kills Creativity?… And How Can We Get It Back? What is impacting our ability to think creatively today? We’ve been studying this trend from both neuroscientific and sociological perspectives and we’ve found a […] (09-29-2015)

Creativity In A Bottle

By Gaia Grant Imagine… If you could package creativity in a bottle… what would it look like? If you could hang it on a clothes line… what colour would it be, how would it sit? If creativity was a road… how would it run, where would it take you? Whenever your mind is stretched beyond […] (12-05-2011)

Keys To Creativity

By Gaia Grant To develop the creative innocence that leads to increased creativity you need to try the following… 1. Have a questioning mind A questioning mind arouses CURIOSITY, and curiosity can foster the desire to make new discoveries. When Rembrandt’s famous painting—The Nightwatchman—was restored and returned to Amsterdam’s Rijks Museum, the curators performed a […] (12-05-2011)

Hands Up: Who Killed Creativity?

Is there a crisis in creative confidence in the workplace? By Andrew & Gaia Grant We could be facing a crisis in creative confidence. With budgets slashed and resources cut, many people are being asked to do more with less – but few feel adequately equipped. The future will clearly require superior innovative thinking and problem solving […] (11-24-2011)

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