Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Presentation Endorsements

Speakers Connect and the South China Morning Post
Andrew Grant Creative Thinking & Ideation Seminar in Hong Kong  Speakers Connect & South China Morning Post
Gaia Grant in Google
Andrew & Gaia Grant, & Dr Jason Gallate – Design Thinking & Innovation Keynote at Google, Sydney Australia- for The Centre for Neuroscience in Leadership.
"Andrew engaged our teams to really think through the value of creativity in business and about how to create a space that allows you to access that perspective. His passionate delivery was not only engaging to listen to, it made us really stop and think about how we were going about addressing our client’s challenges."

Erik Skramstad – Partner | Director | US Advisory Forensic Services | PwC

"Both the book and the ‘roadshow’ are captivating. Andrew Grant has star quality and uses it positively. Andrew has worked on leadership and team development around the globe for more than 15 years, but his presentation still yields the bravado of youth, nicely seasoned with the wisdom of a recognized leader in his field. He’s young at heart, and ferociously clever with it."

Nick Walker – South China Morning Post Hong Kong

Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant on Stage"You provided our clients with the tools to help them become a marketing success.
I’d do this session a million times over."

Sam Lasseter-Moore
Country Director | Marketing Cloud | Sales Force


Top marks for helping us ensure that the whole issue of creating a supporting culture that enables our key strategic initiatives, becomes successful. (Design Thinking Keynote and Workshop- London, UK)

John Gilbert Global Operations UBS Investment Bank- London UK

“You gave us compelling ideas that are worthwhile for use in our marketing.”  (Creative Thinking Workshop – Hong Kong)

Regional General Manager & Senior Vice President Consumer Products Disney

“Andrew has the capacity to magically captivate your audience, regardless how jet-lagged they are, and transform the meeting place into an open and receptive arena that serves as a great springboard to talk about change towards more innovation.”

Frank Wiegand MD PhD
VP Neurosciences Global Medical Affairs, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
(Keynote to the international Global Medical Affairs team / Berlin Germany)

“I was delighted with the workshop Who Killed Creativity?, which has both quality and depth. The combination of your depth of knowledge, presentation skills, and the delightful game made the experience safe, enlightening, and most important, change-enabling. The experience is both easy and fun. We know that experiential learning has the most likely chance of changing behavior over the long term, and the extended value is in the likelihood of the experience “sticking”. Business, education, and government need to engage the new learnings you offer through your program.”

Jon Michael Fox
International Center for Studies in Creativity
State University of New York (Buffalo)

“You deliver important outcomes in local teams with fun and energy.” (Creative Thinking, & Team Building)

Dr Kaschke Chairman and CEO Carl Zeiss AG

“Totally impressed, a great event. It was both logical and fun, with real take aways that we have already started to implement.” (Innovation Keynote, & Design Thinking Workshop – Prague, Europe)

David Vrba  (video)
Managing Director 3M
Czech Republic

“An informative, interesting, creative approach to creativity in the workplace. We had great feedback from all those attending.” (Creativity & Neuroscience Keynote – Sydney, Australia)

Kristen Hansen, Leader, Sydney NeuroLeadership Interest Group Leader
Director, EnHansen Performance
Presented at Google Sydney Australia

“A well received session with value adds for attendees.” Score 4.39/5

Professional Development Conference Manager.
AMP (Charter) Australia
 (Creative Thinking Keynote to a 600 strong plenary session, and a Design Thinking Ideation workshop for the top 60 high achievers, which also included the CEO and executive management team. Dubai) 

“A truly magnificent achievement, particularity since the audience was from a multitude of cultures and listened in 5 different languages. This event scored the highest feedback in our 10 year history.” Score 4.60/5   (Creative Thinking Keynote, Melbourne)

Asia Pacific Manager, Premier Partners Global Network
Fuji Xerox

“A superb presentation… keeping the pace throughout the day. one of the highest ever ratings for a session like this.” Score 9.01

Creativity Keynote and Innovation Workshop Chairperson Global Leadership Conference,
Young Presidents Organisation
Sydney, Australia

“Fabulous speech. We never before received a perfect 5/5 feedback from all participants in both rating the relevance and presentation”.

Paula Wasowska
Co-Chairperson Innovation Committee
American Chamber of Commerce

“One to the best events we’ve had in years. Loaded with tools and ideas that we can take away with us”.

Maciej Filipkowski
IT & Mobile Polska
Samsung Electronics

“Thank you for the astonishing “The Creative Leader” program. I learnt a great many things, not just for our business – but for life!” (Creativity and Leadership keynote and workshop – KSA, Middle East)

Apple Computer, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“You brought learning to life with a lot of creativity.” (Creativity Team Building, Asia)

CEO AT&T Asia/Pacific

What we have seen over the last 18 months while working with Tirian, is that the level of cooperation amongst our team has dramatically improved. The creativity program has helped us to be more successful and we will use this to elevate our business to new heights. (Design Thinking Workshop – Asia)

Managing Director
Beiersdorf Thailand

“Exceeded expectations… your program made our team more comfortable working with these issues, gave the topic more credibility, and it was actionable.”  (Design Thinking & Ideation Workshop – Switzerland, Europe)

Marcin Poplawski
Food SBU
Nestle Switzerland

“You have hugely contributed to the Innovation session success”.

Vice President Medical Affairs Asia Pacific –
Janssen J&J – International conference (Berlin)

“Your contribution in so many ways turned the Optus Learning Fiesta into a smooth event with very interested participants and a great atmosphere for discussion & collaboration.”

Optus Sydney
(Gaia Grant opening Keynote talk live streamed throughout Aust and simultammounsly presented with Andrew Grant at Singtel in Singapore)

“Very suited to our group”.

Managing Director Enterprise Services
Sun Microsystems Australia

“Your great presentation was the highest rated of all sessions by the delegates.” (Creativity Keynote Talk)

Managing Director
Unwired United Kingdom

“Excellent for those who are interested in change management in the workplace. Something different yet so fundamental for leaders to be successful. Delivery was humorous and solid with very applicable real life examples.” (Creativity Keynote Talk – Singapore)

Worktech12 Asia

“Your session was rated highest in the evaluation survey- which was not surprising!” (Creativity Keynote Talk – Sydney, Australia)

Catholic Education Officer- Learning Technologies Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference

“Superbly presented – scoring a very high evaluation feedback of 6.8 out of 7”  (Innovation Workshop – Brisbane, Australia)

AIM (Australian Institute of Management)
Brisbane Australia

“Your plenary keynote was very well received.”

Event organizer Key Media HR Summit Singapore

“The case study was particularly good because it was a real life example of a company entering a new market to think outside the box”

Sean Riley, Senior Trade Commissioner,
Vietnam Australian Trade Commission

“Andrew is an inspiring speaker, coach and facilitator – I had the chance to watch him live and that’s a fantastic experience.”

Tomasz Kwiatek, Prague CMC Grad School of management

“Super amazing keynote and workshop sessions”

World Innovation Conference – Cannes

"You were able to leverage the information shared at pre meetings into a presentation that really connected the audience and the topic together. You presented on a substantial topic and yet kept the audience fully engaged and wanting more!"

CWS Summit- Staffing Industries
(Past speakers at this event included Dan Pink and Marcus Buckingham)
John W. Healy
Vice President & Managing Director
Global Talent Supply Chain KellyOCG Kelly Services

"This was a really fun interactive session, but with a serious side that allowed people to really explore creativity. We got consistent messages back from our participants and practical tips that we can take away and work on"

Helen Cawood
Learning and Development Manager ANZ. Bayer (Consumer Health)

"This helped my team to step back and reflect and explore, allowing us to come up with the best solutions"

Yvonne Chan
Senior Trade Commissioner, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trading, Austrade (Australia)

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