Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Creative Scene Investigation (CSI) Program Intro

Developing an innovative culture Face to Face Workshops

Face to Face Workshops

Digital Blended Learning & Facilitated ecosystem creative critical thinking skills

Digital Blended Learning & Facilitated Online Experiences

Developing an innovative culture

Unlocking individual and team creative potential and building an innovative organizational culture through a sequential suite of programs and intervention that utilizes practical problem solving strategies & design thinking methodologies.

The CSI program suite leads to transformation through innovation – producing superior results through better problem solving skills and more efficient and effective work practices (‘doing more for less’). These sessions provide a productive hothouse environment that is immediately applicable high level business ideas and solutions (keynotes, assessments, workshops, experiential learning, simulations, business facilitation & consulting).

Creative thinking will help to ensure and a strong culture of improvement is established and new innovations are implemented.
It is critical for leaders to be able develop this skill and teach it to those they work with. These sessions focus on the practical process leaders can engage in to build creative thinking in themselves and their team.
The core focus of the learning us based around a single or a series of integrated workshops with complementing & integrated: pre learning, post action follow up, keynotes, consulting, coaching and deep dive labs with business facilitation.

The sessions can be generic or as custom built as outcomes (and budget allows) starting with the outcomes and working backwards.

  • 1) Diagnosis,
  • 2) Design,
  • 3) Delivery,
  • 4) Implementation) For large scale roll out a Train the Trainer accreditation licencing is also available in house or third party)

CSI -1: INTERACTIVE DIAGNOSTIC TOOL – Creative Thinking Fundamentals ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ “Diagnose”
An interactive diagnostic tool for identifying the blocks to creative thinking and innovation in individuals, teams, organizations and cultures (Simulation board game).
Takeaways: An understanding of why creativity has difficulty flourishing in a typical work environment PLUS learn the traits of a creative mindset & innovative work environment.

CSI -2: THE CREATIVITY PROCESS – The 7 Creative Thinking Strategies for Designing Thinking & Innovations “Learn”
How to rescue creative thinking and problem solving – 7 enabling ‘critical’ , ‘creative’ and ‘design’- thinking strategies for creative thinking success. Uses case studies and focuses on developing practical solutions.
Takeaways: Learn the essential tools (of design thinking) for coming up with workable ideas and implementable solutions faster.

CSI-2+: THE CREATIVITY SOLUTIONS: Deep Dive Lab. Essential Modes of User-centric Design Thinking. “Apply”
Actionable Business Facilitation and Coaching for solving real “wicked” organisational challenges.
Takeaways: solutions to real workplace based challenges.

CSI -3: TEAM CREATIVITY – Innovative Team Actions “Discover”
Identifying individual strengths within a team to ensure a team is able to innovate together to maximize potential (Workshop with profiling).
Takeaways: An efficient high performing team able to maximize individual strengths and collaborate effectively to come up with innovative new ideas and solutions PLUS one or more practical new business applications ready for implementation.

CSI -4: SYSTEMATIZING INNOVATION – Innovative Organization Applications “Explore”
A model for systematizing innovation in the organization (Workshop & real workplace case studies)
Takeaways: A blueprint for organizational innovation that is responsive to customer needs PLUS one or more innovation models for the organization ready for execution.

CSI -5: INNOVATION PROCESS – ‘The Chocolate Factory’ Organization Implementation “Experience”
‘The Chocolate Factory’ simulation provides the opportunity to practice creative thinking tools and examine how customer centric innovation can be systematized through the organization. (Simulation).
Takeaways: An understanding of innovative process redesign in a customer focus and employee engagement context PLUS a recommended solution for an improvement to a practical workplace challenge.

The “CSI” program suite aims to:

  • – Develop creative thinking styles and actions in individuals and teams
  • – Help organizations innovate better through developing systems and building an awareness of customer needs.
  • – Facilitate better decisions by showing how to pay close attention to signals that point the way forward.
  • – Help question unconsciously held biases and world views to come up with authentic alternative realities. (futurism)

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