Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

The Magic of Creative Thinking


Watch Andrew Grant as an illusionist direct a live audience’s attention to think inside the box, while he demonstrates the power of creative thinking ‘outside the box’.

Is Andrew Grant a magician? No! And yet he repeatedly appears to be able to read the minds of volunteers from international live audiences with 100% accuracy. Can Andrew magically bring an ace to the top of a pack? Can he read a volunteer’s mind? Is this all really magic – or is it simply the power of creative thinking? By watching this video and learning to think creatively it might be possible to break out of the limited parameters that confound the illusionist’s audience. Learn the secrets behind magic, and discover the parallel magic of creative thinking.
Andrew clearly here, demonstrates that creative thinking is like a magician who can focus on the bigger picture, whilst the audience (through distraction & mis-direction) can only focus on a smaller area –The Metaphor? -A magician’s audiences and uncreative people if not looking beyond their perceived parameters, can miss the magical opportunities. (If you look carefully you might even see how this is done.)

SEE FULL ARTICLE: How not to be fooled by magic: The magic & neuroscience of creative thinking. (click)

This video is introduced by Andrew Grant and contains excerpts of sessions from the introductory keynote “Who Killed Creativity and how can we get it back.” Based on the book “Who Killed Creativity and how can we get it back.” By Andrew Grant, Gaia Grant, and Dr Jason Gallate (Wiley 2012)

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