Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

CSI-4: Innovative Organizational Applications


Available as a: Keynote / Seminar / Workshop  / (Licence TTT)

PROGRAM CONCEPT: A model- for Organizational Structures That Support Innovation, & The Customer Connection 

THE ORGANIZATON: It’s critical to note that both individuals and teams cannot develop effectively in the field of creative thinking if the organizational structure does not support innovation. Great ideas need to be put into a workable frame work that is consistent with the organization’s ability to innovate around it’s strategy and strengths. This session reveals the important distinction between creativity (the ability to see things differently and have original ideas – the concept) and innovation (the ability to follow through on new ideas to fruition – the process). This session helps leaders in organizations to find the best ways to innovate effectively in the light of their competition and utilizing their strengths.

THE CUSTOMER: Thinking outside the box should not be outside the realm of what customers are looking for. The final stage of this suite of programs looks at an often missing component, as the main problem with traditional innovation is that there can be a complete disconnect between what the organization is producing and what the customer is actually wanting.
These sessions look at the current and needed structures within the organization to ensure they support innovative thinking and practices that best suit their specific situation and best connect with the customer. This session includes: The Innovation Radar, Radar Application Mapping,, Creative Benchmarking and Positive Deviance models.


  • Discover ways to improve organizational creative thinking skills through:
  • The innovation radar
  • An organization profile
  • Best practices
  • Outside innovation
  • Identifying disconnection pitfalls & truthful partnerships


  • Attitude: Recognizing the need for a an organizational understanding
  • Approach: Practical positioning that utilizes each organization to its best innovational strengths (with a customer focus)
  • Action: Addresses the practical ways to innovate through the ‘WHAT’, ‘WHY’, ‘WHO’ and ‘WHERE’ of innovation. (Innovation Radar – Sawhney)


  • An efficient and effective customer centric organizational model for innovation

The Creative Connection Cogwheels

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION COGWHEELS (Yellow: The Individual, Green: The team, Red: The Customer & Organization)
Note: The Organizational cogwheel model is based on the innovation radar by Professors Mohanbir Sawhney, Robert C. Wolcott & Inigo Arroniz 2006


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