Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?



Extensive list of media articles: about the authors on TIRIAN (company)

1. Free the Mind – Nick Walker (South China Morning Post)

The Grants appropriately address the issue with remarkable creativity. They also tackle some topical questions on the minds of many business leaders today. 


2. Slaying the ‘creativity-killers’ – Nick Walker (South China Morning Post)

To employ an oft-used term from his native Australia, Andrew Grant “rocked up” into Hong Kong last month, impressing the audience at the “Who Killed Creativity?” seminar – co-sponsored by Classified Post and China Speakers Agency – where he proved the veracity of the findings of his just-published book, Who Killed Creativity?


3. Surviving the disruptive era with creativity – Arinya Talerngsri (Bangkok Post)

In today’s world where digital disruption is so prevalent, in order to stay relevant or stay ahead of the market, we need skills better suited to this fast-paced and changeable environment. Creativity and creative thinking top the list.

Surviving the disruptive era with creativity


4. How to Morph Into a More Creative Manager (Asian Wall Street Journal)

“Thinking outside the box” is a business cliche, yet a box is exactly what many companies give their employees — a cubicle to sit in and a company rulebook to follow. Creativity is like air, hard to see and difficult to define, but if a company doesn’t get enough of it, it will die.


5. Innovation in an Asian context – Mattia Miani (Executive Education – RMIT Vietnam) Interviews Andrew Grant on Creative Thinking

I asked Andrew for an interview because he has extensive experience in creativity training and facilitation in the Asia Pacific region that is where I am currently based. I am personally interested in understanding the cross-cultural validity of creativity theories and this conversation was “solid gold”.

6. Andrew Grant at CIO 100 2013

At the CIO 100 Awards symposium, Andrew Grant spoke about how solving today’s problems requires being open to new ideas. “It’s the individuals and organisations that get into this new space first that are the most rewarded.


7. JSME INTELIGENTNĚJŠÍ, ale míň kreativní

(We are smarter but less creative) C.O.T. media (Czech Republic)


8. Andrew Grant Czech Republic Interview



9. 5 Things That Are Blocking Your Creativity (And What You Can Do About It)




More Blogs Reviews & Interviews

1. Creative Edge 090810

WM: What part has creativity / creating played in your life?
AG: keeps it varied, interesting and enjoyable

2. HR Daily 120307


3. Review of Who Killed Creativity – Peter Sinclair


4. Thoughts on Theatre

While we have plenty to be afraid of in our daily lives, these seven killers may have never crossed your mind. Mostly because these ones don’t have a face, or even a name. But they are dangerous all the same. Husband and wife team Andrew and Gaia Grant have dubbed them the “creativity killers.”


5. Saraiva Interview

ANDREW & GAIA GRANT Brazil book release interview
Do companies discourage creativity? Tips for group think & being over connected, Collaborative creativity and being more productive.

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