Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

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Identifying and dealing with blocks to creative thinking

We need to be creative to be innovative. But the relentless push to innovate faster is producing a toxic culture that may undermine the whole creative process. In our rush for end results fast, we could ironically be killing the very thing that will lead us to innovation: Creativity. These introduction sessions cover how to identify the creative blocks –and strategies to ensure creative thinking can thrive in the psychological (personal), environmental (teams) and culture (organisational)  ‘places’.


Innovation is key for organization transformation – but to prepare for innovation, there needs to be a culture change. There needs to be a culture of Creativity (at the organization level) and creative thinking mindset and skill development (at the personal level). There are no shortcuts, and this is why many companies that only focus on embracing design thinking processes often fail.


The online gameboard session focuses on the potential psychological and neurological blocks to critical  and creative thinking. Along with an optional CQ assessment, this is an interactive diagnostic session designed to provoke an engaging discussion about the potential blocks to critical and creative thinking, and it is highly recommended to do prior to embarking on any design thinking learning / project.
The Creative + Critical Thinking sessions  (CSI-2)– including the Strategies for Innovative Development (SID)  model – then provides a great foundation for design thinking for those looking for an easy to-use practical  model to solve challenging problems.


Understanding the neurological (internal) and  environmental (external) blocks to creative thinking

Building a creative mindset and a proactive culture to ensure the innovation process is effective

Building creative & critical thinking skills and strategies as part of a practical design thinking process


Digital logistics: 3-4.5 hours  (or 2 X 100 mins) / 5-21 pax

Workshop logistics: ½- 1 day  / 5- 48 pax

Keynote / Webinar: 45-90 mins / unlimited pax

Available: with a Professional accredited facilitator & for Licencing


Is our WKC boardgame a competitive game?

Although the ‘Who Killed Creativity?’ board exercise may have a similar theme to a CSI, whodunit, murder mystery or a game, ours is not designed as a competitive contest with winners and losers. The focus is on using a gameboard layout with some gamification elements connected to an integrated memorable theme, which enables productive discussions in a safe space. This approach helps individuals and teams to explore, diagnose and discuss fictional ‘creativity killer’ characters to help identify what can block creative thinking and how it can be possible to get it back. The aim of the exercise is to use this metaphor to explore psychological, cultural and environmental blocks to creative thinking, and to devise personal action plans & Strategic organisatoinal goals to move forwards.

What is Gamification?

Theory- learning through the power of games. Gamification is a business strategy which applies game design techniques to non-game experiences to drive user behavior. Gamification typically involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. (http://gamification.org/wiki/Gamification)


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