Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

“Who Killed Your Creativity?” Wisdom Destination®

This is the The audio podcast version of our best-selling book “Who Killed Your Creativity?”

Explore in this unique package: THE TALE, THE TRAPS, THE WISDOM & THE APPLICATIONS. This package includes a 90 min audio story and interviews (podcast) combined with a 50 page PDF leaders journey guide and sharing guide (booklets).

THE TALE: This Wisdom Destination™ follows 24 hours in the life of Amy, an upcoming digitally savvy leader. She realizes how her own creative potential is being stifled, and she seeks to find ways to resurrect it. The learning journey explores Amy’s interactions at work and at home, and reveals the 7 key traps she falls into along with the ‘wisdom’ steps Amy takes to try to get back on track.

Most of us will relate to Amy’s experiences as she navigates the minefield of impossible deadlines, complex decisions, and conflicting perspectives of her fast-paced work culture. Along the way, Amy learns to look beyond the trendy quick fix approaches of open offices, hackathons, and incubators. By the end, she must learn to take control and proactively strip her thinking back to core values and priorities to build a more sustainable foundation for creative growth. Amy recognizes she needs to become a more open and collaborative leader to create a more creative culture.

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