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Types of courses & how the blended learning fits together



Our courses are designed for both (A) companies that engage AND (B) independent learners. Including the options for  those that have participated in (A) a company organised session, and want more (B) to develop their skills more (& even become accredited independently)

1.ESSENTIALS PRE SESSION PACK – self paced introduction to the key content

  1. Digital notebook (downloaded fillable PDF to be ready for the CORE session)
  2. Pre reading and videos
  3. Self refection’s – how this topic will be personally applied (Faces & Places) (downloaded fillable PDF)
  4. Survey / Assessments etc (Optional / as needed subject relevant: may be additional costs required depending on tools used / needed for the CORE session)

TIME /LENGTH: 20-40 mins per module X 2-4 modules


2.THE  CORE CONTENT COURSES OPTIONS– interactive learning

  1. Professionally facilitated- Face to face &/OR digital group workshops for companies / teams
  2. Self-led: The CSI1 Who Killed Creativity diagnostic gamified board AND the CSI2: Creative Collaborator Canvas (with design thinking tools) can also be used by a leader independently with their team. This Core Elements online self-led canvas is based on Miroboards templates we have created, and comes complete with instructions & steps to follow.
  3. Individuals: There are some alternative options to dive into the core material (that is covered in the workshop format) as if the participant was observing a live workshop. (–OR- participants in a public webinar)
    The Core Content Certificate of Participation: Acknowledgment of actively learning the core content of the program (in workshop / webinar format). Can be posted in a bio, on LinkedIn.

TIME /LENGTH: 2- 3 hours per session  X 1-3 sessions – can be adjusted and customed to clients needs


3.EXTENDED LEARNING JOURNEY COURSES – self paced applications

  • This is a summary of the CORE content using our 4Rs method. Review, Refresh, Reflect & React.
  • We have flipped the classroom to allow the learning to take place over time. Along with a summary from the CORE content there is the chance to try and apply the learnings in real time in the workplace, and then reflect on the outcomes.
  • The Core Content Plus Certificate of Participation: Acknowledgment of actively learning the core content plus more through a blended learning experience (workshop / webinar + online course).

TIME /LENGTH: 20-45 mins per module X 5-9 modules  (rec to do weekly)


4.ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT COURSES – apply in the workplace

  • This is to ensure the learning up to this stage can be actioned and used. In this section the participant has to complete a case study / assignment / pitch / recording of a coaching session and present it.
  • The assignment can be followed up with one-on-one coaching and feedback session (group or individual).
  • Advanced Level Certificate of Participation: Acknowledgment of actively learning and applying the content from an extensive blended learning program including assessments and feedback (workshop / webinar,  online course + case study with assignment & feedback)

TIME /LENGTH: 20-90 mins per module X 3-4 modules



  • Train the trainer licencing is available for this course – apply by email

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Course Flow Creative Critical Thinking 1

Course Flow Creative Critical Thinking 2

Course Flow Creative Critical Thinking 3

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