Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

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  • PRO: License for Company use – multiple use
  • (includes WKC book and work book)


  • Delivered by the authors Andrew & Gaia Grant, the Tirian team, or their licenced partners world-wide. (Contact us if you’d like to find out more about becoming a licensed partner /representative).

Please see us for more details about pro licencing packages.

Many of the CSI programs are available for both corporate companies wanting to scale and locally based training companies who can contextualise the content

Who Killed Creativity Presenting Options

Soft copy (disposable PFD downloads) (includes WKC book and work book)

Latest version release date June 2012 Buy now and get the 2014 version as a free upgrade!
Hard copy game board kit (plus postage) Includes full licence and 3 game boards / 3 cards kit /1 set of props. Extra game board & cards / this allows more than one table to participate per session

Licenced for Company licenced/ multiple use. (Can buy or reprint Game board / cards) via PDFs for multiple use or larger groups
Recommended for Training companies & /or HR departments , leaders wanting to use this session repeatable and in depth (group size: no limit, can download additional kits &/or buy hard copies)
Outcomes Full immersion into the whole topic
Contents Creative thinking full Introduction Game WKC Full debrief action planning & goal setting
Ability to score (like game show) Yes
Rec Length of session 2-6 hours
Board game and cards Yes
Power Point /PDF Intro deck Game deck – full Debrief deck
Flipcharts Yes (7) PDFs
Participant notes Full booklet (30 pages) PDFs
WKC Book (300 pages) recommended to use as reference Not included- but recommended this is bought separately for the presenter and all participants
Support Videos Yes
Recommended extras (^ + face to face training)
Phone /skype support /training
Rec group size No limit per session but will need to buy (or print from PDFs) additional hard copy game boards/ cards per table
Training manual Full manual – (PDF format)
Optional integrated extras CC1 -How to get it back individual approaches** full (4-6 hours) CC4 the chocolate factory (4-6 hours) ** ** additional licencing costs apply
Online survey results Quick Poll instant online results Option to purchase survey credits per sessions
Props (extra cost) Can be purchased as needed to theme up the sessions No*
Updates As needed


  • * Training does not include travel expenses, (minimum days might apply)
  • Training can be demonstrated to a paid client at standard Tirian rates
  • Sample training video instructions click here


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