Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?


Andrew Gaia CSI Author

Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant are a dynamic husband and wife team who are the founders and directors of consultancy Tirian International.  The Grants believe that many companies are facing an unprecedented creativity crisis that risks hobbling our economy, competitiveness and society – a huge threat in the face of daily reports of problem productivity and high labour costs.  To go with the book they have designed a highly practical & creative keynote, workshop and simulation game. As experienced professional presenters they provide an engaging interactive experience in their unique ‘crime scene investigation’ approach to analysing the reasons behind death of creative thinking and innovation and the strategies needed to rescue them in individuals and organisations. These sessions tap into the latest research on neuroscience and phycology.  Andrew is a sought-after leadership and team developer for multinational companies, has been a go-to expert on creativity for the BBC, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, CCTV, Reuters and The Financial Review. Gaia (BA, BD (hons) Dip Ed, Grad Dip Change Leadership, MSc) is the author of “A Patch of Paradise – a woman search for a real life in Bali”, “The Rhythm of Life”, and an authority on creativity and education.  They have also co-authored a number of educational resources for all levels, including the ‘Schools Total Health Program’, which has helped to improve the lives of over 25 million children in developing countries worldwide. When not travelling, Andrew and Gaia live with their two teenagers between Sydney and Bali.

Dr Jason Gallate (special guest contributor) is an award winning scientist and a registered psychologist. With a PhD in neuroscience, Jason’s experiments in creativity have established the importance of non-conscious processing for innovation. His research has been published in several international peer reviewed scientific journals.

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