Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?


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Examples of the survey and how it can be used for strategic implementation- in both long term interventions, AND for workshops, seminars and keynote sessions.

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CSI Diagnostic Tools
This document provides information about the range of CSI Diagnostic Tools that are available to allow leaders to gauge the current state of their organization in terms of readiness for innovation, and to benchmark their results against other teams, departments, regions and industries. The available tools include:

  • CSI Quick Online Poll (quick survey with instant results)
  • CSI Full Online Survey
  • CSI Interactive Quiz
  • ICI (Innovation Culture Index)
  • CSI Report (includes survey results combined with workshop, & business facilitation results)

Through these tools it is possible to discover what people in your organization think about Creativity and Innovation, what potential issues are blocking individuals, teams and the innovation process, and what members believe can best enable innovation. The survey can be used for a specify group (participants), or the whole organization. A 22+ page report can be generated and used to shape strategies going forward, along with the focus workshop(s), coaching, &/or business facilitation, www.whokilledcreativity.com/survey

CSI Creative Thinking Life Cycle Model
The uniquely designed CSI diagnostics tools are based on the CSI Creative Thinking Life Cycle Model. This model forms the foundation for the material in the book Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get It Back? by Andrew Grant (BEd, Dip Tch), Gaia Grant (BA Dip Ed, BD (hons), Grad Dip Change Leadership, MSc Creative Thinking, MPhil / PhD (cand) Innovation & Culture Change), and Dr Jason Gallate (PhD. Psychology, Neuroscience and Creative Thinking, Sydney Uni) – along with the CSI Board Game Workshop.

Integration of the CSI Diagnostics into the workshop / keynote sessions
The CSI Surveys and ICI can be used to shape program sessions and then integrated into any workshop / seminar, keynote session & final report. The Who Killed Creativity?  Board game and accompanying survey are powerful diagnostic tools that can be used to understand the climate of creative thinking and innovation. The deliberate game style is not only a “creative” method, but also a deeply effective diagnostic, as it opens up critical discussion, ideas and insights on the topic in a safe environment. The result is an honest and clear picture of the current state of individuals, teams and the organizational culture as a whole.

Innovation Climate Indicator (ICI)
The Innovation Climate Indicator (ICI) measures both individual psychological factors that indicate readiness for change and innovation. Along with Tirian Directors Andrew and Gaia Grant, co-designers include Lloyd Irwin (B Arch (Hons), B Th, D Min) and Dr Martin Dowsen (BA, MA, Dip Tch, PhD Educational Psychology). Coming 2016

Full samples of the above are available on request.

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