Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

PURE Personal Creativity – Redesign Your Brain


From the flagship session CSI-2: The 7 Individual Rescue Strategies?” comes this fast paced practical workshop packed full of all the necessary activities one needs to learn and practice to become creative.

This fast-paced practical workshop explores the essential skills needed to become creative. The thoroughly researched exercises will increase creative thinking by rewiring the brain. Through the session you will learn to appreciate the importance of both an analytical approach and spontaneous creative insights, and you will learn how to design opportunities for breakthrough eureka moments. You will also learn to access all parts of your brain (left & right, front & back, thinking fast & slow, processing), and you will discover the power of questioning and harnessing ambiguous thinking, By exploring the importance of both divergent and convergent thinking, it becomes possible to see situations differently and solve complex puzzles and. This is creativity 101 with a mix of key generic and exclusively designed activities.  Rewire the brain activities include: basic Torrance testing, Alternative Uses Theory, What if? Divergent / Convergent thinking, Mindfulness and Functional descriptions.)

PURPOSE: Used to teach individuals how to rewire their brain to be more creative.

The difference between this session and the flagship workshop is this session is participant and activity focussed. Whilst it is based on the latest research models and neuroscience, this sessions is purely personal – it contains no business outcomes, theories, models or business case studies.
The activities in this session are included in the full day flagship CSI-2 workshop.

Link to Full workshop CSI-2

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