Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

3) The Scene: Dealing With Disruptive Innovation & Why Its Critical For Survival (Keynote)


“Innovation emerges out of the structural tension between the way things are and the way we imagine they could be, therefore the gap between what people can do today and what they want to be able to do is driving change beyond what anyone may have anticipated.”

3A) Dealing with Disruptive Innovation & How To End Up On Top
THIS session explores the difference between an ordinary organisation and one that has a culture of creativity & learn how to attract and retain the creative class. This session reveals why it’s going to be critical to become a creative and innovative organisation, and demonstrates how organisations can best prepare for the future. The future is described as a place where small companies topple the large, the super large eat up industries, and customers will innovate with or without the organisations: good news for the prepared, but devastating for those in denial. This session will encourage participants to see the importance of thinking ahead and being prepared, showing that creative thinking is no longer a luxury for the gifted few, but a necessity for survival.

At the end of this session participants will be able to identify the importance of harnessing disruptive innovation and creating a positive innovative culture, facilitate better decisions by showing how to pay close attention to signals that point the way forward. AND help question unconsciously held biases and world views to come up with authentic alternative realities.

3B) Seeing the Moments that Matters / Illuminating Possibilities –
The customer journey (sales focus)
Help your partners, key clients, sales team and customers see the moments that matter, by using creative thinking to look beyond the traditional roles of selling. Creativity can open up whole new fields by helping see the customer journey beyond the boundaries of what most people realize. Discover the key role empathy plays as a component in design thinking, and see how this all starts with understanding the customer journey.
Using Torrance Testing (the gold standard in benchmarking creative thinking) as a fun way to illuminate possibilities, this interactive session shows the 6 key attributes needed to truly be creative. Connected to the attributes are engaging activities, magic tricks and examples of how market leaders used creative thinking to get ahead. Learn how to open up whole new blue oceans, by extending the traditional customer experience, and capturing new markets that were previously not seen.

At the end of this session participants will be motived to look for new ways to work with their key partners to add value, extend important relationship, and keep them loyal.


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