Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

How to Build a Culture for Innovation

CEOs say it’s the #1 leadership competency needed for the future and it is a stronger predictor life success than IQ, and yet CQ (Creative Quotient) testing shows creative thinking is on the decline worldwide. In business, innovation has been found to be a compelling motivator for organizational engagement, a formidable foundation for competition in the commercial market, and a strong indicator of organizational success. Economists estimate that 50-80% of economic growth comes from innovation and new knowledge, and recognize innovation as an important potential factor in dealing with global challenges. The best way to ensure innovation is nurtured over the long term is to establish a culture that best supports this. This session is a highly interactive and engaging CSI themed presentation. The presenters, Andrew and Gaia Grant, embarked on a 20 year around-the-world journey to discover the potential blocks to creative thinking and innovation, and have identified the key enablers for creative culture change both personally and organisationally. They have developed a series of solid strategies for how innovation can be strategically developed, which are currently used by a number of multinational clients. The session uses a creative & memorable CSI theme, and introduces the Grants’ unique ‘Strategies for Innovative Development’ (SID) four-phase model for innovation through transformation, which is both solidly grounded in research and highly practical and useful. By the end of this session you will walk away with a valuable diagnostic tool for exploring challenges to growth and revealing solutions, along with the constructive SID four-phase culture change template with practical applications.

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