Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Video Endorsements

Learn why Nestle used creative thinking to explore such topics as: how to use more effectively energy saving cooking, & better nutrition in emerging markets.
(PROGRAM: Who Killed Creativity, And How to get it back-The 7 Rescue Strategies)
Totally impressed, a great event. It was both logical and fun, with real take aways that we have already started to impliment.
David Vrba
Managing Director 3M, Czech Republic
Ali Pay Alibaba Group (Dana)
Dana Fintech (Financial Technology)
“The Creative Thinking program (CSI) was very helpful for our executive team and applicable to everyone in the company.”
Vincent Iswara
CEO Dana Indonesia
(JV with Alipay / Alibaba / Ant Financial / Emtek)
(PROGRAM: Who Killed Creativity – Creative Scene Investigation CSI-1 & CSI-2)

Daimler Financial Services
Daimler Financial Services
Discover why the senior leadership team at Daimler Financial Services said this was the best program they had ever experienced.
(PROGRAM: The Chocolate Factory: Creativity & cross functional process redesign)
Dr William Wirtz (PhD) endorsement
Dr William Wirtz (PhD)
President American Creativity Association

Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics
“One to the best events we’ve had in years. Loaded with tools and ideas that we can take away with us.”
Maciej Filipkowski
Vice President
IT & Mobile Polska

See why Disney engaged Tirian to assist their team in a seminar on Creative Thinking
(PROGRAM: The Creative Connection: Pt1 How to get it back- The 7 Rescue Strategies)

More video endorsements can be found at https://www.tirian.com/multimedia/client-experiences-feedback/

Including comments from:
Regional President – EA | Country CEO – Allianz | Dir of HR- Four Seasons Hotel | VP Marketing – FedEx Asia | CEO – Downer EDi Australia | President & CEO – Mandara Spa

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