Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

1) The Magic of Creative Thinking & Neuroscience

Participate in some entertaining magic illusions to discover how easy it is to default to ‘inside the box thinking’, and how this can be explained through the latest neuroscience. It is said that a magician should never do a trick twice as it’s risky. In this case, Andrew Grant repeatedly performs (live and recorded on cameras) an illusion effect. Does this make the results more impressive, or does it give the trick away? This 8 min video is a short compilation from several IT events including – CIO (India), AMP (Dubai) , Alcatel-Lucent (China), Optus (Australia) and Singtel (Singapore) sessions, containing entertainment, engagement and a powerful message.


Real Thinking Outside The Box:

This FAST PACED active session / keynote/ & or dinner event is packed full of magic tricks, which quickly segues to challenging people about their mindset and mental models, peppered with some interesting information from neuroscience. Through a powerful metaphor, this session shows the strong connection between what magicians and creative thinking have in common: why people are so easily fooled by magic, and so readily blocked from solutions based creative thinking.

The theory: “We see not the world ‘as it is’ – but we see the world in a way that proved useful in the past.”
Most people need to create a box, or a set of parameters to work within, and then tend to look for solutions inside this space. They then go onto construct an expected world view, because they can’t handle the complexity of the present one, processing the information that fits the expected world, and finding reasons to exclude the information that might have contradict it. However when unexpected or unlikely interactions are ignored, so it the chance for creative thinking. This session teaches through experiential learning and full engagement, how to see the unexpected, allowing participants to start to see creative solutions to what were too familiar problems. This session will ensure that participants will never again be fooled by either a magician’s tricks – or the norms and standard expectations to problem solving. At the end of this session participants will be inspired to develop the ability to look for solutions outside their current boundaries and habitual ways of thinking, and in the process opening up a whole new world or solutions. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Both our professional magician; Phil Cornwell, and author; Andrew Grant can spice up any Creative Scene Investigation session, a stand alone keynote, pre post lobby street style effects, and even dinner entertainment sessions.

LINK TO video: The Magic of Creative Thinking – (Live keynote complication) (8 mins)
LINK TO video:  The Magic of Creative Thinking (Studio version) (6 mins)
Articles: The Magic of Creative Thinking

The Magic of Creative Thinking (live complication – 8 mins)

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