Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Intro The Book : "Who Killed Creativity?"

Book: Who Killed Creativity?…And How Can We Get It Back?

Who Killed Creativity?…And How Can We Get It Back? Was it Beau Rock-Racy in the Accountant’s office with ‘noxious negativity’?

Topics covered: Creativity, Creative Thinking, Design Thinking, Ideation & Innovation.

Your help is needed to crack an unsolved crime: creative thinking is critical for future fulfilment and survival, and yet it is now declining at an alarming rate. In this original ‘Whodunit/ CSI’-style approach, you will have the opportunity to match your knowledge against that of the latest brain researchers, psychologists and sociologists. As you are taken on a humorous and often startling journey through the murky world of murder and mayhem – interrogating the potential creativity killers and identifying their preferred weapons and haunts – you will discover why creativity is dying an untimely death. The ‘7 Rescue Strategies’ will then provide you with practical innovation solutions to solve any modern mystery, from personal issues through to team challenges and organisational imperatives –  even saving our civilisation. Providing an up to 300% improvement in results, these strategies have been proven to work.

Authors Andrew and Gaia Grant have travelled the world for over 25 years to explore ‘Who Killed Creativity?…And How Can We Get It Back??’ This book includes stories from their experience working with over 20,000 international keynote and workshop participants in more than 30 countries at all levels, from kindergarten through to corporate CEOs. Neuroscientist and specialist psychologist Dr Jason Gallete also provides fascinating insights into the latest discoveries about creative thinking and how it can be actively developed.

What do bully bosses and proven psychopaths have in common? And why does the future of civilisation lie in a decimated rubbish dump in Mexico? This book will explore these intriguing questions and more. With a fascinating forensic approach, revealing carefully researched facts along with anecdotal insights, WKC is a compelling modern tale. And like any good tale, there is a final twist that will leave you wondering…Can we rescue innovation in time to live happily ever after?

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