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Pure Innovative Process Design Facilitation

To improve processes and motivation

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Following on from the Chocolate Factory simulation or as a stand alone session, our facilitator will help the team understand how to find more efficient processes to improve effectiveness. This process will empower all people at all levels and encouraging them to contribute to the creative development process, ensuring that individuals will become inspired and equipped for positive transformation. In the process participants will discover that it is possible to go beyond incremental improvements and impact a whole culture. Teams will also become much more engaged and proficient when they are encouraged to work on these processes collaboratively.

Objectives – Our facilitator will:

  • Analyze processes and work with the team to do a simple redesign comparing current & desired states
  • Use a holistic approach that includes human centric issues and ensures the full teams involvement and buy in
  • Use current state and future state analysis methods to find superior solutions whilst ensuring a collaborative team spirit
  • Use Strategic process redesign based on critical analysis
  • Use the process design method to overcome silos
  • Find new blue oceans and learn to innovate in a saturated market
  • See the inherent need to plan for change, especially in regards to customer requirements.
  • Reduce cycle time, remove waste, break down silos, and empower a team

Participants will walk away with

  • An improved process
  • A process mapped (Current state & Desired state)
  • An action plan to know who is responsible for each step (accountable & measurable)
  • Autonomy over what they’re doing and how they do it
  • An opportunity to master a model
  • A sense of purpose in what they do, & empowered to do it

* Connected workshop / simulation: https://whokilledcreativity.com/program-options/the-chocolate-factory/
* Online Link: https://www.tirian.com/programs-services/dimension-3/innovative-process-design/


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