Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Book Endorsements


“Both the book and the “roadshow” are captivating.”

Nick Miller
South China Morning Post – Hong Kong

“Who Killed Creativity” is a marvelous book. Unlike many creativity books that are a re-hash of basic principles, a collection of cliché case studies and the author’s re-labeling of standard creativity techniques, “Who Killed Creativity” is engaging insightful and very useful. This is a professional book that is also a great pleasure read.”

Dr. Roger Firestien – Senior Faculty
International Center for Studies In Creativity
Buffalo State – State University of New York

Not only is  “Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” intelligent in content, but by true to its title, the book is written very creatively and provides a fascinating fresh approach to the topic. Creating a new service culture requires new ways of thinking, and the need for change. But these transitions can often met with “yes, BUT…”. Who killed Creativity? … And How Can We Get It Back? addresses this critical organisational road block by looking at from a psychological and perspective, also revealing from neuroscience what stops us from moving forward and thinking creatively. Well worth reading!

Ron Kaufman, CEO & author of Up Your Service – Singapore

Having been a creativity scientist and practitioner for more than 20 years I have been exposed to most of the straight and curve balls in the industry. “Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” makes a very important contribution. So often money and time is wasted on solutions that eventually make very little or no impact – the major reason for this is that solutions are generated before the essence of the problem is understood. This book, in a fun and novel way, identifies the killers and blockers of creativity in the organization and identifies the solution processes that will get you the desired results. The book is an easy read, useable and practical – go buy yourself a copy

Dr Kobus Neethling, President South African Creativity Foundation,
author of more than 80 books including numerous international best-sellers

This book is a great read and draws upon interesting evidence.  The happy ending is up-beat and gives hope for our being able to do something to make a difference.

Sir Ronald Stones OBE –
Head of Education Practices, Richard Chandler Corporation – Former Director of Green School. Singapore

I finished reading “Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” in one sitting! – the stories were so engaging; the research was so scientific; and the statistics were so astonishingly real.

David Tai (PhD)
IBM China

“Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” is a real eye opener”

Dr. William Wurtz (PhD) –
Two-term past president of the American Creativity Association. USA

“The book walks you through the key issues that hinder creativity, helps you to identify ways and tools to get creativity back into your personal and professional life. I especially liked the notion that we are all born creative, that we all have the intrinsic power to create and all we really need to do is rediscover it. A great book of a great author.”

Tomasz Kwiatek, Prague CMC Grad School of management

In their page-turning book “Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” Andrew and Gaia inculcate their creative message in to the writing so that the book becomes as engaging as their message. Innovation is what makes the difference from an ordinary company to a world class company. How do you apply innovation to our business to make a difference to your customers? Read Who Killed Creativity – it’s the “Tipping Point” of Innovation

Robin Speculand
International Speaker & Bestselling Author of Bricks to Bridges – Make Your Strategy Come Alive

Finally, a book on creativity that acknowledges being creative is not about following a simple recipe for success. Through a skilful combination of personal anecdotes backed by supporting research, Who Killed Creativity? makes a powerful case for rescuing creativity from modern life’s murderous claws. This is a great diagnostic tool to help you understand if you have the best creative climate and how to improve it if you don’t.

Paulina Larocca
Global Creativity & Innovation Marketing Manager
Premium Wine Brands | Pernod Ricard

This is such an ingenious approach to the topic. The ‘crime-scene forensics’ concept is engaging and it’s obvious years of ‘real-world’ research is being shared. A great diversity of ‘creativity blockers’ gets un-earthed through the chapters. I’ve seen many of these in action over the years and I’ve never come across such a well executed analysis all in one place.

Natasha Fowler
Counsellor New Zealand

“I was super sceptical at first when it talked about paralleling crime scenes and psychological profiling with the creative process but I soon found myself writing down creative ideas, blog post titles, solutions to things that had plagued me and this book gave me a sense of actually being creative in a business sense again. “Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” is the best book I’ve read this year.”

Roadtesting: Who Killed Creativity? Sydney Australia


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