Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

We know that you care how information about you is used and safeguarded. Your responses to questionnaires on this Web site are entirely voluntary and will be used, anonymously. By visiting whokilledcreativity.com and completing the questionnaires, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Administrating the survey questionaries

These polls  survey questionaries are administrated by Zoomerang.com MarketTools, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Their specific privacy terms can be seen here http://www.markettools.com/company/privacy-policy

Whokilledcreativity.com is run  by TIRIAN (PTY LTD) headquartered in Sydney Australia.

What We Collect and How We Use It – Registration

During registration, we ask you to tell us a bit about yourself, including your date of birth, your sex, your Zip Code country, how much formal education you have received, and your occupation. We use these to tell you how your scores on the questionnaires compare to those of others who are like you in age, sex, geographic location, education, and occupation.

We also ask you, during registration, to give us your e-mail address – this is optional use to keep track for those attending a workshop. If you do not want to share your real name, you can make up a name or leave it blank. We may also use your e-mail address and name to send out occasional e-mail messages inviting you to participate in other related research or advising you of new resources.

What We Collect and How We Use It – Questionnaires

We also collect your responses to the questionnaires on this site and store these, along with your scores, on our database server. We will never report your individual responses or scores to others, except as described below. We will include your scores and responses in reports, publications, lectures, and Web sites only in summaries of groups of site users.  You are not required to provide us with any of this data, but if you choose to submit the registration form or any of the questionnaires, you must answer all of the questions to receive your scores.

What We Share

Other researchers have allowed us to use their questionnaires on this Web site. In return, we share your responses with them for their own research. They may receive the responses to their questionnaire, plus the age, sex, geographic location, education, and occupation categories of the person who provided them. They do not receive your name or e-mail address.

For the development and maintenance of this Web site, we contract with other organizations that might require access to the data collected on this Web site, solely for the purpose of assisting in the operations of this Web site. These organizations are bound by strict confidentiality requirements.

Web-Related Information We Collect Automatically

Like almost all Web sites, we automatically collect information on all requests for pages from our Web server. We collect the IP address of your Internet connection (which generally does not identify you unless your Internet service provider has assigned you a static IP address), the type of browser you used, what you requested, and what was sent. This helps us understand usage of the Web site and allows us to produce aggregate statistics on usage.

Security of the Data We Collect

We take reasonable technical, administrative, and physical precautions to keep your information secure. For example, we store your responses in a password-protected database and data you send to us or we send to you is SSL-encrypted.

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