Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Andrew Grant

Who Killed Creativity
“a resounding success”
YPO Global Leadership Conference

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South China Morning Post

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Four Seasons Hotel

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Cisco Systems

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ANDREW GRANT is the CEO of Tirian international consultancy and co-author of the breakthrough new book Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get It Back? In his roles as a facilitator and keynote speaker, Andrew has been engaged by market innovation leaders to help create a culture of innovation including: Nestle – facilitating a workshop on sustainable solutions for emerging markets at HQ in Switzerland; Four Seasons Hotels – preparing the exec team and all GMs to embrace the potential future of the hospitality industry in Canada; Disney – creating compelling ideas to use for marketing in Asia; Mercedes Benz with innovative brand positioning in China; and a number of large financial institutions around the world – assisting them with dealing with changes to the regulations etc. Andrew has authored over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs that are used by Fortune 500 companies and are sold under license worldwide.

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Grant on Who Killed Creativity

Andrew has been a key speaker at some of the world’s largest events, including: the YPO/WPO Global Edge CEO Conference (Australia), The World Innovation Conference (France), HR Summit and Contingent Workforce Summit & WorkTech (Singapore), & the Leadership Bootcamp (Middle East – with Stephen Covey). He has also featured in a number of international media including: Harvard Business Review, BBC, Reuters and ABC TV, Fast Company and the Wall St Journal. Andrew’s significant success comes from the fact that he is not only able to talk intelligently and engagingly about the important elements of creative thinking and innovation, but it is easy to see it in everything he does.

Originally from Sydney, Andrew has lived and worked in a wide range of cultures. As a result he brings a wealth of cross cultural knowledge and experience to his facilitation and keynote speaking engagements.

Andrew can team up with his partner Gaia Grant for a dynamic husband and wife team combination. Gaia is a co-founder and Director of Tirian, the co-author of Who Killed Creativity? and a number of other books and resources. Gaia has completed an MSc in Creativity & Innovation and is now working towards a PhD in the area, and she is a guest lecturer at Sydney University in International Business and Innovation. Both Andrew and Gaia have additional degrees in a number of areas including education.

Outside of their corporate work, Andrew & Gaia have also worked on breakthrough pro bono education projects across Asia, India and Latin America including designing an educational health curriculum that has reached over 25 million people worldwide. They have lectured in education as part of a development program at the Central Philippines University.

Andrew Grant keynote talk Citibank

KEYNOTE: See the latest showreel and keynote talks showing Andrew in Action: Includes, Harvard Business Review TV, Intercon Hotels Group (IHG) Financial Controllers: The new branding paradigm. Worktech Unwired: speaking to designers on how stress strangles creative thinking. IBM Leaders: Creativity from the classroom to the boardroom. AMP on Disruptive Innovation… plus more

President EA Asia various programs and facilitation

REVIEW: South China Morning Post
“Both the book and the “roadshow” are captivating. Andrew Grant has star quality and uses it positively. It was like being in class with your favourite teacher at school, the one who wanted to see you have fun, knowing it nurtures thinking and results. Andrew has worked on leadership and team development around the globe for more than 15 years, but his presentation still yields the bravado of youth, nicely seasoned with the wisdom of a recognised leader in his field. He’s young at heart, and ferociously clever with it. (Nick Walker: South China Morning Post)

INTERVIEW: Harvard Business Review (HBR)

INTERVIEW: Harvard Business Review (HBR)
Harvard Business Review (HBR) TV interview with Andrew Grant – Interviewed by Paula Waskowska Co- Chairperson Innovation Committe AmCham”

Andrew Grant, Magic of a Creative Mind

DEMONSTRATION: Watch Andrew Grant as an illusionist direct a live audience’s attention to think ‘inside the box’, while he demonstrates the power of creative thinking ‘outside the box’.

MORE: Visit Andrews main bio page that includes video presentations, photos, accolades etc.

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