Who Killed Creativity? How Can We Get Creativity Back?

Additional Presenters & Contributors

Who Killed Creativity


Carol Fusek (Tirian)

Carol FusekFormer P&G executive, Carol is Tirian’s Singapore manager and a key contributor to the Creative Connection program (P&G key case study – The China syndrome: how P&G used creative connections to sell a premium product in a low end consumer market.) As P&G Associate Director of Customer Service Logistics, Asia, Carol helped lead a radical organization re-design which led to the creation of a regional Customer Service Logistics centre in Singapore. While at P&G she received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work leading the development of Customer Service training and mastery across the P&G service teams in Asia. (Carol wrote the P&G case study for the Creative Connection 1.) (USA / Singapore based)
See Video: Carol Fusek on youtube

Dr David Tai (Tirian)

wkc_author_david_taiDavid H. Tai is Director of Executive Education in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. His mission is to be a change agent in developing innovative organizations for sustained growth through innovation, change, and globalization. David was Chief Talent Officer in the IBM Growth Markets Unit Headquarter. He was responsible in defining and executing an integrated talent management strategy for 6 regions and 148 countries globally. He spent 8 years teaching in colleges in China and in the U.S., 4 years working in AT&T in the U.S., and 12 years in IBM in multiple countries with various responsibilities in all aspects of talent development enabling double digit business growth through innovation, change, and globalization. He created many of the IBM talent related solutions with 2 patents and 2 copyrights. Today, to achieve his mission of innovative organizations, David has set his goal to “develop millions to benefit billions” through Accelerated Education, Accelerated Experience, and Accelerated Exposure combined with innovative technologies and ecosystem for self-organizing, self-managing and self-innovating organizations. Accredited partner and the translator of the Mandarin version of “Who Killed Creativity?” book. David’s passion is to ensure the slogan “made in China” can be changed to “Innovated in China”. David formerly was an IBM executive and was involved in the international IBM Creativity survey. EN Mand – Based in Shanghai / USA.
See Video: Dr David Tai on youtube

Celia Pillai (Facilitator & Tirian associate)

celia_pillai_wkc_authorCelia brings with her credentials and experience in design, strategy, creativity and innovation. She has studied and trained extensively on creativity and applying creative thinking processes at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo NY. Her experiences in architecture include designing residences, institutions and some leading hotels and resorts in India. Celia has spent close to a decade working in various roles across strategy & transformation in IBM, leading many strategy & transformation projects in India & growth markets. Celia’s varied experiences have shaped her in-depth understanding, knowledge and ability to apply and facilitate teams on design thinking, creativity, innovation and strategy. Celia currently consults, facilitates and conducts training with individuals, organizations and institutions on strategy, creativity and innovation, including using deliberate methods and tools of creativity to work through goals, challenges and plans.
Celia has a PGDM/MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, India and B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) from Bangalore University, India. She is a graduate of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College, NY where she is also a candidate for an MS in Creativity and Change Leadership.


Lloyd Irwin (Tirian)

Lloyd IrwinWith a background in both the arts and business management, Lloyd is another valued key contributor to the Creative Connection program. Originally an architect, Lloyd discovered that he preferred building people rather than structures, and spent the past 20 years as a leader and trainer in the not-for-profit sector. He specialized in adult education, cross-cultural communication and personal development, across South East Asia, Australia and internationally, and eventually managed a large learning and development organization. As a Tirian consultant, Lloyd was a key designer, facilitator & go to person to bring about an international cultural leadership change program for Daimler (DFS) and headed up the full Asia Pac Africa roll out. (He is completing a Doctorate in Leadership)
(Lloyd helped develop the Creative Connections Foundations CSI program.) (Australia / Singapore based)
See Video: Lloyd Irwin on youtube

Darren McCubbin (Tirian)

Darren McCubbinThe face of energetic “Improvising”, Darren McCubbin, is popping up all over the Melbourne Comedy circuit and regularly seen on television. Fast and funny, you can expect the unexpected as Darren weaves the laughs through any Tirian program. Darren was halfway through a PhD in Mathematics before realizing the call of professional acting. Since then he has been actively involved in the entertainment industry as an actor, performer, writer, producer, director and drama teacher – and he holds the record for the loudest man in Australia! Darren is also activity involved in politics at the state level and has served as Mayor at the local level.

Darren co designed and presents the WHODUNIT – Who Killed Creativity? murder mystery dinner / show. In this interactive session the audience members become the characters in a suspenseful yet humorous live show. This can complement any Creative Connection session or be run stand alone.

See on site Tirian: Presenters & Facilitators > Darren McCubbin Bio
See video: Expert Darren McCubbin on youtube AND The Chocolate Factory with Darren McCubbin on youtube

Paul A Hogan (Special guest WHODUNIT presenter)

Paul HoganTriple M Radio Host, (breakfast show) & comedian
(Australia based)


Philip Cornwall (Tirian)

Philip  Cornwall Philip Cornwall is a true professional magician, mentalist, comedian and corporate host. He has over 10 years of international experience, hosting corporate events, weddings, private parties and more. Philip has vast experience working in the corporate sector and has a unique ability to tailor his presentation to your needs, his distinctive delivery and presentational skills combine to create a mentalism show in a class of its own. The range of his repertoire means Philip can customise his routine to suit any requirement.
He can effortlessly incorporate your product, brand, or corporate key message, and as an added bonus warm up an audience in the lobby before the main session starts. Not only is Philip a first grade motivator, teacher and stage performer, he also has a spellbinding close up ‘walk around’ act ideal for corporate functions or for that memorable add on at your next event. Along with facilitating our Creative Scene Investigation (CSI) workshops, Philip is able to both co-present or on his own, a more entertaining version of the the opening CSI keynote “Who Killed Creativity?” great for an audience that demand more than just a speaker, making the whole experience and message unforgettable.

See on site Tirian: Presenters & Facilitators > Philip Cornwall Bio
See video: Philip Cornwall on youtube

Bruce Alexander (Presenter & Tirian associate)

Bruce AlexanderBruce Alexander MA (Macquarie) Grad Dip CELTA (Cambridge) is an internationally recognised creative thinker and a contributor to Tirian programs. Bruce created international advertising campaigns for ABN Amro Bank and Ferrari and is one of few Australians to compose an advertising jingle used worldwide. He is described by Macquarie University’s Professor Robert Hunt as ‘possessing a unique grasp of the often-bewildering subject of human imagination and rare insight into inventiveness”. Bruce shares with rare authenticity and a wealth of practical experience the secrets to boosting business imagination and corporate creativity. Bruce addressed a live audience of 7,000 at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table experience in Tokyo where his presentation was rated the highlight of the event. His journeys into the world of high creativity leave a lasting impact on executives and senior management seeking to apply more of their own imagination. (Australia based)
See video: Bruce Alexander on youtube

Gregory Burns (Special Guest Presenter)

Gregory BurnsAs a paralympic gold medalist in swimming and an internationally acclaimed artist, Gregory’s unique personal history and achievements have made him a unique source of inspiration and motivation for audiences to maximize their potential and creativity while overcoming life’s challenges. Gregory can share about his personal experiences in a keynote session, and can also add an additional module to the Creative Connection program where participants learn to use the right side of their brain through drawing and painting. (Gregory is interviewed in the Creative Connection Snack PAK DVD. And is also available to run an extension painting session titled “The Creative Leader” that helps with individuals re-engaging the right side of their brains) (USA / Singapore based)
See Video: Gregory Burns on youtube


Prof. Antoine Perruchoud (Facilitator & Tirian associate)

Prof. Antoine PerruchoudProf Antoine Perruchoud is an academic and practitioner with years of interest and experience in developing and teaching about creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Antoine is the Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Sion Switzerland . He initiated and headed a new entrepreneurship program: Business Experience in Creativity. His passion to explore and create new opportunities in a vast field of possibilities is evidenced in his enjoyment of snowboard freeriding and reflected in all areas of his work and life, particularly in his enthusiasm for coaching and communicating about new business models and creative ways of implementing innovative systems and practices. (Antoine features in the Creative Connection Book) (Switzerland based)
See Video: Prof. Antoine Perruchoud on youtube

Liv Gussing Burgess (Tirian)

Liv Gussing BurgessLiv Gussing Burgess graduated from Cornell’s Hotel School in 1991 and has since pursued a career in the hospitality industry along with being involved in training and development. Liv spent the last fourteen years with the global, luxury resort company Amanresorts, and most recently managed the Amandari in Bali, Indonesia. Culturally integrated within the Balinese village that surrounds the resort, Amandari, which has thirty suites served by two hundred staff. The hotel has won numerous global awards, including the winner of the prestigious Forbes Traveller’s World’s Top 400 Hotels, Travel & Leisure World’s Best Service Awards In Asia – No. 1 worldwide, and repeated top 10 rankings in Conde Nast’s Traveller gold list. Liv was also part of the pre-opening team for the small luxury group, setting up resorts in Marrakech; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Borobodur, Java; and Tahiti. This included working with the architect, project and construction team, hiring and training staff and setting up guest experiences.  Her main interest lies in challenging herself and her team through ongoing learning, particularly experiential learning. She is a fan of the outdoors and sports too as a way to grow. Since graduating, Liv has continued to be involved with Cornell University, setting up programs in Asia and fundraising. She is currently serving as Vice-President for the hotel school’s alumni group. (UK based)
See Video: Expert >Liv Gussing Burgess on youtube AND Liv Gussing Burgess – Nestle endorsement Liv Gussing Burgess on youtube

DR. Madelon Evers (Facilitator / Tirian)

Madelon Evers, PhDMadelon Evers is a Leadership and innovation specialist & executive team coach with 20 years international business experience. Former manager and R&D leader with a design and innovation background in finance, publishing, broadcasting, educational technology and sustainable business design. DR. Evers is a specialist in systems thinking, innovation, leadership, creativity, design management. (Switzerland based) 

See Video: DR. Madelon Evers on youtube
See article: The Creativity Killers At Work

Baroness Susan Greenfield (Special Guest Presenter)

Baroness Susan GreenfieldScientist, writer, broadcaster, Director of the Institute for the Future of the Mind & Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Lincoln College, Oxford. The Baroness has been awarded 30 Honorary Degrees from British and foreign universities and heads a multi-disciplinary research group exploring novel brain mechanisms linked creative thinking. In addition, she has developed an interest in the impact of 21st Century technologies on how young people think and feel, as discussed in her book ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century She has received the Michael Faraday Medal from the Royal Society, awarded a CBE in the Millennium New Year’s Honours List, and was granted a non-political Life Peerage. She has been elected to an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and appointed Chancellor of Heriot Watt University . Baroness Greenfield sits in the United Kingdom Parliament in the House of Lords as a crossbencher. Susan can add some serious research to any of our Creative Scene Investigation sessions, showing what is going on in the brain. From Internet addictive disorder to the power of play. Susan believes that what kills creativity is – growing up “we lose our potential” and can support this with solid interesting research. She can then show why this happens and how to get it back.
Susan is available as special guest presenter and keynote speaker or co presenter to any of our programs. Her energy, provocativeness and understanding on this topic will engage an audience of any level. (specialist guest presenter/UK) www.susangreenfield.com
See video interview: Baroness Susan Greenfield


David Eyman (Facilitator / Tirian)

David EymanAn expert in the creative process, creative problem solving, design thinking, and community engagement, David facilitates visioning, idea-generation, consensus-building, and strategy. He has worked with many organizations to create both physical and cultural environments that nurture innovation and creative thinking. David holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, and is pursuing a master of science in Creative Studies at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo. (USA NY based)
See on site Tirian: Presenters & Facilitators > David Eyman

Jane Harvey-Gibbs (Facilitator / Tirian)

Jane Harvey-GibbsJane is a warm and humorous facilitator with extensive experience in creativity from applied art and design, as well as academic study. She holds a B.F.A. from Parsons, The New School (Parsons School of Design) in Communication Design, and nears completion of a Master of Science degree in Creativity, Creative Problem Solving and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. Her work background is in pharmaceutical advertising, graphic recording, visual facilitation, and graphic design. (USA based)
See on site Tirian: Presenters & Facilitators > Jane Harvey-Gibbs

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